Beaver Dam Student Charged In Connection With School Threat

6/10/17 – A Beaver Dam student has been charged in connection to the sinister threats made against Beaver Dam High School last month. Dylan C. Graf is facing one felony count of Making Terrorist Threats. Two minors are referenced in the criminal complaint. Unless charges have been filed in juvenile court which is not public record no additional files have been charged at this time. During the initial investigation, officers established Graf as a person of interest. According to the complaint, Graf and another minor were talking via Skype with a juvenile from Las Vegas. Graf allegedly told investigators that the minor from Las Vegas sent suggestive emails to a teacher from Beaver Dam High School who Graf had a crush on as a joke on May 3. The 17-year-old Graf reportedly said that it was also the Las Vegas student who then looked up former Associate Principal Shawn Bartelt’s profile on the school’s website and started composing a threatening email to him. That email contained specific threats to fifth period and a button that would set off several explosive materials in the school. Graf told investigators that he and the other minor were shown screenshots of what was written but denied any involvement in helping him write it and said it was done as a joke or a prank. Later, Graf allegedly admitted to having some input in the email. If convicted, Graf faces up to three and a half years in prison.