Beaver Dam Sewer Rates Could Go Up For The First Time Since 1997

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam residents could see an increase in sewer rates for the first since 1997 if a proposed ordinance is passed by the common council tomorrow (Mon). But even with an increase the rates will still be lower than they were in 1985. That’s according to Utilities Director Don Quarford who says the rate will go up two dollars per quarter to around 39-dollars for the typical residential user. The increase will help the city comply with regulations set forth by the DNR. Beaver Dam recently received a grant to cover half the costs and a low-interest loan to cover the remaining costs. Quarford says without the grant the rate could have gone up to 50-dollars-per-quarter. The plan is to have the ordinance read twice and to hold the public hearing at tomorrow’s council meeting in an effort to meet all the guidelines of the 20-million-dollar grant. Also, the city of Beaver Dam could add the YMCA of Dodge County to its recently completed space needs study of city-owned properties. The Common Council tomorrow will consider a resolution authorizing MSA Professional Services to add the property – acquired late last month — to the study.