Beaver Dam Man Sentenced To Prison On Ninth OWI Offense

(Beaver Dam) A Beaver Dam man was sentenced Thursday to five-and-a-half years in prison for his ninth OWI offense. Gregory Rasnick entered a guilty plea to the felony count, two additional felony charges of Bail Jumping were dismissed but read into the record. In May, authorities responded to a Madison Street gas station after reports that a highly intoxicated person had just driven away. According to the criminal complaint, authorities found the suspect vehicle in the parking lot of another gas station down the street. When police were questioning Rasnick, he had blood shot eyes, was slurring his speech and smelled heavily of intoxicants. The 57-year-old admitted to drinking eight beers prior to driving but refused field sobriety testing and a preliminary breath test. Because of eight prior convictions dating back to 1991, Rasnick has a point-zero-two (.02) blood alcohol concentration limit, instead of point-zero-eight (.08). Rasnick was also placed in extended supervision for five years.