Beaver Dam Seeking Sponsors For Swan Park Amenities

(Beaver Dam) There is an effort to raise money to help update an historic Beaver Dam park. Roughly $1.2-million-dollars has been designated by the city to restore Swan Park. The project’s first phase has an estimated price tag of $2.2-million. In order to close the financial gap, organizers are seeking public support.

Beaver Dam’s Community Development Manager Mary Vogl-Rauscher says they have already raised over a half-million of a $700-thousand-dollar fundraising goal but the pandemic has increased the costs for needed supplies. She says there are named gifting opportunities.

“In order to be a named donor, we are looking at donations of $5,000 and up,” says Vogl-Rauscher. “But what we’ve got is for businesses that have a really cool logo, part of the splash pad has water features that [businesses] can put their company logo exactly how it is on these splash pad features.

“Some of those start at $5,000, so if you look at your marking budget, this is going to be something that is going to be there for years and years and $5,000 in the whole realm of things is not a significant piece when you look at it over multiple years.”

Vogl-Rauscher says names memorialized or honored will be added to a donor board found centrally located in the park. The public can also donate towards historical markers that will be erected around Swan Park. Patrick Lutz is with the Dodge County Historical Society.

“We’re proposing that we mark these historic sites with a brass plaque…which would also include an etched picture of some of the sites because some of the features are no longer there,” says Lutz. The Swan Park Hotel is an example notes Lutz. He says other locations that will be marked include the band shell, the original swimming pool, and monkey island.

Tom Heffron with the Beaver Dam Area Community Area Foundation says citizens interested in donating can give to a city-established Swan Park fund.

“People then can contribute and make out the check to the Beaver Dam Area Community Foundation Swan Park Fund and that’s tax deductible,” says Heffron.

Click HERE for more information about donating as well as the Swan Park restoration project.