Beaver Dam School District Updated Website Launched

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam School District recently launched an overhaul of their website. Reconstructing the site was identified as a key performance objective last fall with the goal of bringing it up to date. Superintendent Mark DiStefano says they wanted to focus on ease of use, making it more interactive and eliminate unnecessary content. He says the site will also format easier on hand-held devices. CMS for Schools, who the district partners with to help maintain the website, along with a connect agency aided the sites new design. DiStefano says the school was also able to utilize several local partners as well as school officials who played an important role during the process. He says the new website will better serve those who speak a different language. DiStefano says there is an option to select a language of choice which will then translate all website content. He says the site is better connected to the schools social network accounts which makes it easier for visitors to interact with the district. The new website officially went live last month. A link to the website can be found here: