Beaver Dam School District Says AP Test Results Are Point Of Pride

(Beaver Dam) The superintendent of the Beaver Dam School District says the latest test results from Advanced Placement courses offered at the high school is a point of pride for the district. School officials recently released the numbers that indicate that students outperformed the state and global pass rate in exams for the AP courses, for the sixth year in a row. Overall, there were 176 students in AP courses this past spring. Beaver Dam students had an 81-percent pass rate, compared to 63-percent for the state of Wisconsin, and 54-percent globally. The AP courses include Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Language and Composition, Geography, Psychology, US Government and US History. Superintendent Mark DiStefano says the “level of success is an outstanding reflection of both student

and teacher talent in Beaver Dam.”


BDHS had 49 AP Scholars this year, which are divided into four different subgroups:


National AP Scholar – Two students from BDHS were recognized as National AP Scholars:

Akshay Kalra and Katelyn Schlefke


AP Scholar with Distinction – There were 14 BDHS students recognized with this honor:

Neil Braker, Robin Carpenter, Joceline Helmbreck, Kaleb Heuer, Rebecca Hose, Akshay Kalra, Jasmine Krahn, Marshal McGauley, Chloe McQuin, Tyler Pamperin, Katelyn Schlefke, Megan Stippich, Theodore Vessey, and Eduardo Zavala.


AP Scholar with Honor – Seven students were recognized as AP Scholars with Honor:

Ryan Falkinham, Alyssa Heim, Nicholas Kuntz, Molly Landdeck,Linnea Lerwick, Zachary Schoenberger, and Lucas Smith.


AP Scholar – This recognition was granted to 26 students: Ryan Almeida, Alexis Bakke, Kieana Bednarek, Marisa Boehler, Andrew Boschert, Ana Chavez, Rebecca DeYoung, Connor Foster, Kendra Gillett, Leslie Guzman, Ashley Hale, Benjamin Hendrix, Haylee Kasuboski, Anthony Kuenzi, Zak Kulka, Ayla Loomans, Morgan Nelson, Ahnicka Nondorf, Megan Okon, Isaiah Schlagel, Hannah Sommercorn, Nathan Stafford, Olivia Terlisner, Rachel Uhrich, Elise Zahs, and Hedwig Zaunmueller.