Beaver Dam School District Looking At Plan To Better Report Life-Threatening Incidents

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam School District is looking to implement an anonymous tip line as part of its focus on the safety of students and staff.  Superintendent Mark DiStefano says that although many in the district feel very open and willing to share concerns, they are exploring anonymous reporting as an additional concern reporting option.

DiStefano says setting up a tip line is still a way off at this time, as the program is still in its infancy.  One of the biggest concerns is the ability to monitor the system.  Currently, the Beaver Dam School District is having conversations with other districts which have already implemented similar tip lines to determine where they have seen successes and challenges they have faced.  DiStefano believes that without a sufficient way to monitor the tip line, there is no point in having one.

Alongside additional staff training, district wide safety teams, an anonymous tip line will be the latest tactic employed by the Beaver Dam School District to prevent or reduce the potential threats to the safety of students and staff.  All of this is made possible in part to a Wisconsin Department of Justice School Safety Grant program of which the BDUSD has been awarded $380-thousand dollars over the course of two grant cycles.