Beaver Dam School District Looking At Extending School Year Because Of Snow Days

(Beaver Dam) It will be up the Beaver Dam School Board to decide if the school year will be extended to make up for all the snow days the district has accumulated so far this year. Tuesday was the sixth time this year that Superintendent Mark DiStefano had to make the decision to cancel class because of snow, ice or below-freezing temperatures. The calendar adopted last summer by the school board has three snow days built-in, with the school year slated to end on Friday, May 31. DiStefano says at this point, he would tentatively consider recommending that the school year be extended by three days to Wednesday, June 5. However, he cautions that winter weather is not the only reason school could be delayed, dismissed early or cancelled as spring brings its own set of challenges, like fog. DiStefano plans to send an update to parents and staff in coming days alerting them of any potential extension of the school year.