Beaver Dam School Board Takes Virtual Tour

7/15/17 – The Beaver Dam School Board took a virtual tour of the renovated high school during their meeting this past week. In the fall, voters in the district approved a $49-million dollar referendum with the bulk of the money being used to overhaul the current high school. While not photo-realistic, the three-dimensional rendering offers viewers an opportunity to see the digital concept for everything from the main entryway, through the classrooms and into the new outdoor athletic field house. Nearly every portion of the campus will see renovation, with the exception of a new science wing. However, science, technology, engineering, and math classrooms will be enhanced. The architect says everything from the floor to the ceiling will match making it look like one uniform building, instead of a structure that has been updated piecemeal over the years. A larger cafeteria will allow for the number of lunch periods to be reduced from three to two, creating more flexible instructional time. The library, modeled after a university learning center, will see the removal of a computer lab replaced with a digital arts lab with the latest technology. A link to the virtual tour in video form can be found on our Facebook page.