Beaver Dam School Board Approves Summer Repair Projects

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam School Board unanimously approved a proposal for projects during the summer of 2023 that includes roof maintenance at both Beaver Dam High School and Beaver Dam Middle School. District Facilities and Safety Officer Pete Woreck (wor-ick) says the high school roof wouldn’t be replaced all at once.
“Purposely we (only) do sections of roof at the high school (because) it’s so large,” says Woreck. “And you don’t wanna replace every single square foot of roof at the same time because it’s a project we couldn’t afford, nor would we have time to do.”
At the middle school, Woreck says it is more about repairs than replacement.
“Basically, it would be re-seaming, and it’ll also be repairing any places that we would have damage on that roof,” Woreck says. “So, it would not be a complete roof replacement at this time.”
The estimated cost for the high school roof replacement would be around $200,000 and the roof repairs at the middle school would be approximately $150,000.