Beaver Dam School Board Approves Changes To Middle School Schedule

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam School Superintendent says changes to the Middle School schedule next year are a win-win for everyone involved. The school board this week approved changes that will see the schedule increase from eight periods to nine, without extending the school day or the school year. In July, following backlash from parents, the school board rejected a plan that would have seen the school day decrease from eight periods to seven periods, to allow more time to be spent on Math and English. The change would have reduced the number of electives offered. In response, the district assembled a committee of parents, administrators, teachers and other stakeholders to study the issue. The board accepted the committee’s recommendation for a nine-period day which will allow for more time spent on Math and English, 85 minutes, while still allowing for three electives. Science, social students and all electives will be reduced by one minute to 41 minutes while the advisory period is decreasing to 14 minutes. Students will be given three minutes between classes. Superintendent Mark DiStefano says the new schedule is the best of both worlds creating the flexibility that parents were looking for while still being able to focus on core areas that need attention. The changes will be implemented with the beginning of the next school year.