Beaver Dam School Board Adopts Safety Plan

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam School Board adopted their annual safety plan Monday night. The plan outlines practice, points of contact, locations of resources and incident command designations for a variety of situations. The district used state and federal resources in conjunction with local emergency officials in developing the plan, which aligns with safety plans in other Dodge County schools. The district, and each school building, has its own school safety team comprised of representatives from the district, community and/or law enforcement discussing big picture threats and reviewing emergency preparedness drills.

Superintendent Mark DiStefano says new this year, the district has assembled a threat assessment team. DiStefano explains that the team is comprised of a group of specifically identified staff members with particular skill sets. The team works to review the severity of threats, verbal or physical in nature, detailing the next steps in the process – including mitigation and providing resources — to make sure everybody is safe.

DiStefano told the school board Monday night that staff will undergo annual safety training prior to the beginning of the school year.

“When we think about school safety we have to keep in mind that we’re not always talking about those horrible and tragic events,” DiStefano says, “we’re talking about everything from dealing with a basic first-aid type situation to knowing what reporting is needed for particular staff.”

He says all staff undergo the required trainings every year to learn about specifics, meeting with administrators and school resource officers to review the different plans in place, drills and other preparedness activities.

The Beaver Dam School Board has had a safety plan in place since 2012, which is before the plan was required by the state.