Beaver Dam School Board Adopts Calendar For Next Two Years

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam School Board Monday night approved the calendar for the next two school years. The first day of school will be the Tuesday after Labor Day and the last day will be the final Friday of May. Spring break will be the final week of March, just as it is this year. Teachers contracts will be three days shorter at 186 days, which includes eight in-service days and six professional development days. Students will be in class for 172 days which is five days more than the current altered scheduled to accommodate referendum construction but down from the traditional 180 days. The school day will be longer to compensate. Middle School will begin at 7:40am and end at 3:05pm while high school will start at 7:50am and end at 3:20pm. Superintendent Mark DiStefano says the start time for the elementary schools is still being finalized but for the first time all elementary schools will start at the same time. At this point, DiStefano says the start time for elementary will be similar to what it had been in the country schools between 8:30am and 8:40am while the end of the school day would be between 3:35pm and 3:45pm. School officials are also exploring the possibility of an earlier arrival time to open doors to students and more time for breakfast. The calendar has four snow days built-in, one more than in recent years.