Beaver Dam Road Project Would Have Sidewalks On One Side Only

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Operations Committee Monday night approved revised designs for this summer’s reconstruction of Roosevelt and Warren streets…with sidewalks only on one-side of the roadway. Property owners are required to pick-up the tab on sidewalk installation for the $950-thousand-dollar reconstruction. Peace Lutheran Church and a long stretch of Wayland Academy, along with a handful of residential homes, would have no sidewalk installed while residential properties on the west side the street would have to pay for sidewalks.

City Engineering Coordinator Ritchie Piltz says because of the steep grade, the installation of sidewalks on the east side of the street would require retaining walls, which he says would be cost-prohibitive and is not included in the budget.

The city had considered having property owners on both sides of the street pay for sidewalks to be installed on just one side of the street, but the city attorney researched the matter and learned that would not be legal.

That does not sit well with Alderman Ken Anderson who not only has the project in his ward but will be one of the property owners impacted. He says all the residents were on board because they were under the understanding that the initial cost would be shared even though maintenance, upkeep and shoveling would be the responsibility of property owners on one side of the street. Anderson says either not doing sidewalks at all, or putting sidewalks on both sides of the street, are the only options to keep it fair.

A public hearing for the assessments on Roosevelt and Warren streets is expected after the project bid costs are learned in the next six-to-eight weeks.