Beaver Dam Residents Will Be Mowing Lawn More Often

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam residents will be mowing their lawn more going forward. The common council this week approved changes in the existing noxious weed ordinance that decreases the maximum height of weeds from eight inches to six inches before a violation occurs. Weed Commissioner John Neumann says the change is needed because of the approximately 100 property owners of unoccupied properties who are delinquent each year. Neumann says the process of notifying out-of-town property owners is so long that weeds can grow to a foot tall before the matter can be addressed. Alderwoman Kara Nelson tried unsuccessfully to keep the maximum weed height at eight inches. Nelson noted that the city is trying to be more environmentally-friendly and its contradictory to require property owners to mow their lawn 25-percent more while cutting grass that helps control water run-off. Mayor Becky Glewen says members of the community asked for change and community pride matters. In addition to the cost of having a city-contracted service mow the lawn, the ordinance change now adds a fee of $25 to cover administrative costs. The ordinance exempts all city parks and large parcel commercial lots, outside of residential areas, that support agricultural crops and are regularly maintained; such lots are exempt if they limit weed growth to eight inches.