Beaver Dam Residents Reminded To Deal With Noxious Weeds And High Grass

(Beaver Dam) The City of Beaver Dam is reminding residents to deal with noxious weeds or high grass on their property. The notice is in accordance with state statute, which mandates that landowners must cut and destroy weeds before they bear seeds and spread to neighboring properties. Grass cannot exceed a height of six inches. Flowers, shrubs, and trees should not be in a condition where they are a serious blighting influence for the property. The Weed Commissioner can issue an order to landowners to deal with high grass and noxious weeds. The failure to comply after two days will result in a $60-dollar-an-hour fee for the city to handle the matter, plus a $25-dollar administrative fee for each parcel cut. Any properties that receive a second cutting from the city, within the same year, will be charged additional administrative fees beginning at $100.  A third offense will cost $200 and a fourth $400. Those with questions can contact Beaver Dam Weed Commissioner and Parks and Forestry Supervisor John Neumann at 920-887-4623.