Beaver Dam Residents Reminded To Clear Snow And Ice From Sidewalks

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam residents are reminded to obey the city’s winter regulations. Public Works Supervisor Dan Mulhern says that snow and ice must be removed from the sidewalk fronting their property within 24 hours of accumulating. Ice that cannot be removed bust be treated with a deicing or abrasive agent. Mulhern says residents can pick up small quantities of sand/salt mixture at the Public Works building located at 640 South Center Street, 24/7. The mixture is not available to contractors. Anyone who owns a corner property is also instructed to clear any snow or ice buildup from the crosswalk. City ordinance prohibits residents from shoveling, plowing, or blowing snow into the travelable portion of the road. Property owners are also reminded to inform their tenants of these rules as it is the homeowner who is fined for a violation. Mulhern says the city does appreciate everyone’s efforts in helping ensure adequate pedestrian movement throughout Beaver Dam.