Beaver Dam Residents May See Sewer Rate Increase

(Beaver Dam) City residents in Beaver Dam may soon see a rate increase for their sewer service. Utility Director Rob Minnema told the city’s Operations Committee  Monday night that more cash flow is needed to address ongoing expenses. His department is working with an auditing firm and a sewer rate review is being undertaken as part of the audit to determine if a rate increase is necessary. No word yet on what the increase will look like or the timeline. Unlike a water rate increase, however, the city does not need approval from the state Public Service Commission. The last sewer rate increase in Beaver Dam took effect in January of 2015. Rate payers saw a 39-percent increase at that time, which translated to around $36-per year more on average. Minnema says even with an increase Beaver Dam would continue to have very low rates when compared to other municipalities.