Beaver Dam Registers 39 New Coronavirus Cases In Past Two Weeks

(Dodge County) Wisconsin health officials are reporting an increase of 511 cases of COVID-19 in Friday’s daily update. There is a total of 14,396 people now having tested positive. Five-percent of all tests reported were positive with Friday’s numbers, the same as Thursday and Tuesday; Wednesday spiked to eight-percent.

State public health officials reported nine deaths on Friday for total to 496. A third person has died in Jefferson County, and eight more cases were reported bringing that total to 75.

Dodge County experienced a record number of new cases with 16 reported, for a total of 137, with one death on record. There was an increase in testing in Dodge County with 160 negative results announced Friday. The county has usually seen around 50 negative tests a day, except when the National Guard tested hundreds of employees at Richelieu in Beaver Dam earlier this month. To date, Dodge County has seen 2381 people test negative.

Mapping data indicates that there are 43 cases in the city of Beaver Dam; at least 39 of those cases were reported in the past two weeks when the area first began registering on the state health department website, which only tracks cases starting with five or more. The Waupun-area appears to have 20 cases on the Dodge County side of the county line, with at least 16 added within the past two weeks.

In Fond du Lac County 155 people have tested positive and there are four deaths on record. Washington County has experienced four deaths to date with 178 people testing positive. There has been one death in Columbia County and 37 positive cases. Green Lake County now has 13 cases. Statewide, there have been 2259 people requiring hospitalization, which is 16-percent of those known to have contracted the virus.


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