Beaver Dam Police Warn Of Ever-Changing Scams

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam authorities are warning residents about several brazen utility scams that are circulating throughout southern Wisconsin. One such fraud involves conmen pretending to be members of the Water Department asking permission to enter people’s homes to check their pipes. Police Sergeant Erik Smedema says it is important to always ask for identification. He says the Water Department should carry ID with them or he suggests calling police to verify. Another con that has targeted several Beaver Dam non-profits has been phone scams. The organizations will get a call from someone claiming to be with the gas company to collect on a past due bill.

Officer Jeremiah Johnson says in order to coerce compliance they will often threaten to come to the business to shut off their heat and electricity. He says the scammers will then tell the organization they need call them back in order to pay up but the number is a fake. Johnson says to check the bill because there will be a 1-800 number or check online to make sure the number you are calling is correct. Johnson says it is never a waste of time to double check by calling your local utility company and to trust your instinct if something does not feel right.

Law enforcement say that IRS scams will be growing in popularity over the coming weeks. They remind citizens that the Internal Revenue Service will rarely make contact by phone without an accompanying letter which contains specific information regarding your tax returns.