Beaver Dam Police Say They Continue To Monitor North Spring Street/Woodland Drive Intersection

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police Department say they are doing everything they can to monitor the four-way stop on North Spring Street at Woodland Drive. Stop signs were installed at the intersection in 2019 as part of an intergovernmental agreement between the city and the Town of Beaver Dam related to the Elser’s Woods subdivision. An apartment complex was developed nearby in the city, leading to increased traffic on Woodland Drive.

Some in the community have reported to authorities that motorists have ignored the signs and drive through the intersection without stopping. During a recent WBEV’s Community Comment, a caller asked Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson if there would be any changes such as the installation of stop lights. He said what is done at the intersection is out of their control, all they can do is keep a watchful eye out for any traffic infractions. Johnson says patrol officers sit at the intersection often, including himself during third shift. He says when law enforcement cannot be there, that is when issues arise.

Johnson says he has own opinions on what should be done with the four-way stop, noting that a roundabout would be most efficient.

City officials have indicated that a roundabout would be unlikely at the intersection. Johnson says there are no current plans as of this year to do away with the stop-signs.