Beaver Dam Police Remind Motorists To Yield To Pedestrians At Crosswalks

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police Department is reminded motorists to be mindful near pedestrian cross walks. With schools out for the summer and the arrival of warmer weather, more citizens will be taking to the sidewalks to traverse the city. Sergeant Erik Smedema says it is safer for everyone involved if vehicles come to a complete stop to ensure that those on foot can cross safely. He says walkers should also make sure that motorists come to full and total stop first before entering the roadway. Smedema says a good gesture for drivers to remember at cross walks is to make visual contact with pedestrians, whether that be by waving them across or by a simple head nod. During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Smedema explained one of his biggest cross walk concerns. He says sometimes a driver behind a person who has stopped at a cross walk will attempt to pass them on the right-hand side because they believe they will be turning left. Smedema says motorists should try to position their vehicle to prevent cars behind them from passing. Authorities say bicyclists should avoid biking through cross walks and should come to a complete stop first to make sure the path is clear. Smedema says there are traffic fines levied against motorists who fail to yield right of way to pedestrians.