Beaver Dam Police Recount Village Glen Incident

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam Police Chief John Kreuziger says there was virtually no new information collected on the Village Glen apartment explosion in the past eleven months. This Tuesday marks one year since amateur chemist Benjamin Morrow was killed in an explosion while tinkering with chemicals so volatile that his entire apartment building needed to be burned to the ground to eliminate any concerns with latent explosions.

Kreuziger told us Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment that the investigation officially concluded last month with no more answers than they had last year. He says investigators are no farther now than they were two weeks after the incident. There have been no more tips and nothing to follow-up. The FBI has also indicated that they have no new information so Kreuziger felt it was “time to close the case and move on.”

There was speculation in the media early-on that the chemical being synthesized was TATP but that was not confirmed by authorities for nine days. Kreuziger told us yesterday on WBEV’s Community Comment that investigators knew right away what they were dealing with. Pictures from the scene went to experts all over the country. Initially, local authorities did not know it was TATP. Within a few hours they were operating under the understanding that it was TATP and issued the evacuation. He says they didn’t tell us that it any other chemical but TATP.”


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