Beaver Dam Police Raid Crack House In Storage Unit

9/12/17 – Beaver Dam Police over the weekend raided a crack house operating out of a storage unit. Officers conducted a building check early Saturday morning on the 100 block of Stoddart Street – now called Bill McCollum Way – in an industrial warehouse, some of which has been converted into storage units. There had been several drug complaints at the location and reports of people going in and out of the building at all hours of the day. After getting permission from the building owner, police entered and found four people inside watching television and smoking crack. Paraphernalia and less than two grams of cocaine were initially recovered from the scene. One person has been formally charged with felony cocaine possession. 22-year-old Anthony Sartin Jr. of Milwaukee was arrested and taken to the Dodge County Jail, where another 13 grams of cocaine was allegedly found during a strip search.