Beaver Dam Police Officer Receives Duckling Rescue Award

9/18/17 – Beaver Dam Police Officers were recognized yesterday for their life-saving efforts. Dodge County Dispatcher Nicole Mork announced the winners of the Third Annual 2017 Duckling Rescue Award. Officer Jeremiah Jones secured third place with eleven duckie rescues from curbside sewer grates. There was a tie for second place with officers Tony Karel and Bill Linzenmeyer liberating 15 of the flat-billed, web-footed creatures. For the second year in a row, Officer Andy Strachota posted the highest numbers. Strachota won this year with an impressive 22 ducklings fished out and saved from impending doom, that’s a half dozen more than last year when his numbers were bolstered by one squirrel rescue. He says it’s all in the wrist. Strachota was given a towering golden statue to adorn his desk for the next 12 months. It was not the only award given out yesterday. Officer Megan Scott was also singled out with a black rubber duckie statue for her 2016 baby duck rescue fail. Scott says six or seven ducks remained just a feather outside her reach as she was forced to leave the scene of the duck rescue to assist with a human-related emergency. There was a total of 76 duck rescues during the 2017 season. In the first year of the awards, Officer Tony Karel was recognized for salvaging six fuzzy baby ducklings from the cold, unforgiving subterranean canals beneath the city streets.


Watch the awards presentation here: