Beaver Dam Police Discuss Use Of Force Training

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam Police say they would not use a knee to the neck to subdue a suspect. On WBEV’s Community Comment program last Friday, Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson detailed their training regimen from the academy to annual continuing education. Johnson says the tactics used by Minneapolis Police prior to the death of George Floyd were alarming and when he saw the video of the incident it scared him. He says police are not trained to place a knee on someone’s neck.

Johnson says there are mandatory classes officers attend every two years that update use of force procedures and emergency vehicle operations. He says the courses also cover use of force scenarios across the state and country, legal updates and Supreme Court rulings. Johnson also notes that Wisconsin’s Training and Standards Bureau policies are covered during the police academy and as things evolve, officers are updated.

In his opinion, Johnson says the events that transpired in Minneapolis on May 25th paint police in a bad light and affects how the community will view them. He says those actions have consequences which are far reaching. Johnson says if police do not take this time to self-repair or address things that need changing, public trust could be lost.