Beaver Dam Police Detail Search For Missing Child

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam police say quick action and sound strategy were key factors in locating a missing three-year-old after a fire call in the 100 block of Knaup Drive last month. Police Chief John Kreuziger told WBEV’s Community Comment that he did not hesitate to set up an on-scene command center. He notes the sooner a search can begin and the child can be located, generally the better the outcome is going to be. Kreuziger adds that their search strategy was to start in an inner circle and work their way out.

That means the search started right there in the child’s own home, says Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson, adding that they searched the “nooks and crannies” first as sometimes kids will do silly things like hide in the bathtub or a closet. He says their search even included looking in the family’s refrigerator and oven.

After the search of the apartment, authorities went door to door as officers knocked on each apartment in the building as well as adjacent buildings. Johnson says after they did not locate the missing child they decided to double back and do a more extensive search of the neighboring apartments. This included entering an apartment that had not responded to officers knocking earlier in the search, which officers discovered to be unlocked. Johnson says as officers entered, they announced themselves to the newly awakened occupant, and explained the nature of their search. He adds that it was at this point they located the three-year-old asleep on the living room floor.

It was determined that the child had been fascinated by the lights from police and fire vehicles dealing with the nearby fire and ventured outside to get a closer look.  The child then became disoriented and entered the unlocked apartment where they fell asleep. After being located safe, the child was quickly reunited with his family.