Beaver Dam Police Detail Enforcement Approach During Pandemic

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police Department broke down their enforcement policy for the governor’s “Safer at Home” order during a recent appearance on Community Comment. Two weeks ago, Tony Evers announced tougher restrictions for the public requiring them to stay in their homes as part of an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson says it is their hope that the community voluntarily complies with the order.

Johnson says they will not pull vehicles over to check if they are out for essential travel unless given a reason to do so. He says if they see someone speeding and they initiate a traffic stop, the officer can now ask for the driver’s reason for being out.

Johnson says they would need a city officials to adopt an ordinance to cite an individual who violates the governor’s order. However, he says they would likely write a citation for other unlawful acts that would normally receive a verbal warning first such as loitering. For example, Johnson says if a group of people were loitering at a city park after hours and were not practicing social distancing, police would write a citation whereas before they would be likely warned first.

Johnson says taking someone to jail is a last case scenario and notes that a person can be charged with a misdemeanor for violating a public health order. He encourages anyone who does need to go outside, to do so safely and to continue practice social distancing.