Beaver Dam Police Department Talk ATV/UTV’s and Insurance

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Common Council recently passed an ordinance permitting the use of all-terrain vehicles and utility terrain vehicles on city streets. According to the ordinance, operators will be held to the same enforcement, expectations, penalties, and restrictions as those who drive a motorized vehicle under the influence.
The speed limit is set at 35-miles-per-hour or the limit for automobiles, whichever is lower, and all drivers must have a valid license. Beaver Dam Police Lieutenant Matt Riel says insurance is also needed.
“You must have at least liability insurance just like a motor vehicle in the City of Beaver Dam to drive your ATV or UTV,” says Riel. “And you need proof of that on your person or on the ATV or in the ATV or UTV. So, a glove box.”
The ordinance was originally set to take effect on September 12th, but a motion to pass it was voted down. While the ordinance has been approved by the council, residents will not be able to drive their ATV or UTV on Beaver Dam streets until signage has been put up. City leaders say they will be communicating with the public when that will happen.