Beaver Dam Police Department Receives Fire Suppression Tool Donation

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police Department is highlighting a unique donation they received from a local organization. The Dodge County Chapter of the Masonic Lodge gave the agency a Fire Suppression Tool.

The equipment works by an officer pulling a pin and placing the tool near some flames. It releases an aerosol that rapidly breaks the bond between the heat and oxygen molecules, which interrupts the progression of the blaze for roughly 35 seconds.

Authorities say the tool can be deployed in the early stages of a fire to extinguish or slow its spread and buy valuable time for the fire department to arrive and begin full suppression methods. They add its use can potentially save the occupants of a residential fire or animals still trapped inside a building.

The police department currently has one Fire Suppression Tool, but they noted that they would like to equip as many squads as possible so at least one is always available. 

Photo courtesy of the Beaver Dam Police Department Facebook page