Beaver Dam Police Department Alcohol Compliance Check Finds Three Businesses in Violation

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police Department conducted alcohol compliance checks at 18 drinking establishments Wednesday night. Deputy Chief Dan Schubert says three businesses were cited. The Cellar on Rowell Street and Casa Mora on South Center were issued citations for selling alcohol to minors. In addition, a bartender at the Cellar was cited for not having a valid server’s license. Neither establishment was open during a previous compliance sweep, which resulted in warnings to nine of the 32 liquor establishments checked. Applebee’s on North Spring Street was given a warning during the last sweep, and last night was also issued the citation. The citations will be referred to the city’s Administrative Committee at which time demerit points could be given to the businesses under an ordinance that was recently adopted by the common council. Once a business gets a certain number of points, their liquor license could be suspended or even revoked. Because this is the first time the demerits could be assigned to an offending establishment, it is unknown what the exact process will be.