Beaver Dam Police Cracking Down On Seatbelt Usage

8/4/17 – Beaver Dam law enforcement is encouraging drivers to buckle up. The department was part of a Click it or Ticket Task Force Grant awarded from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation that helps put more officers out on the street to better enforce seat belt laws. Beaver Dam Police Lieutenant Matt Riel says up to four additional officers are added to a shift during deployment which occurs up to three times a month. Recently on WBEV’s Community Comment, Riel says because of the campaign they have noticed fewer violations. He says now-a-days it is a lot more difficult for officers to spot offenders which in turns makes the department happy. Riel says if anyone is caught without wearing their seatbelts, even if it is their first offense, they will be cited. It will cost an individual a ten-dollar ticket for not buckling up. The Click it or Ticket grant runs through the end of September.