Beaver Dam Police Chief Warns of Scammers

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police Department is offering up some advice for residents when it comes to dealing with scammers.  In a recent Facebook post the department noted that in times like these, scammers look to target a vulnerable public.  Police Chief John Kreuziger says, “it is important that we stay vigilant and always be conscious of what we are doing, and who we are talking to.”  The department continues to see cases where people are contacted through various means with scammers using tactics like pretending to be Microsoft and asking to remotely access your computer only to hijack it, or pretending to be family in jail seeking bail money.  In other instances you could be contacted regarding items you have posted for sale, buyer offers to pay you more than you’ve asked for the item, pending you can send the extra funds to a third party via Western Union.


Kreuziger says while many think that they would never fall for such scams, they have seen people from all walks of life fall victim to these increasingly innovative scams.  Residents are advised to be extra cautious before sending money, receiving money, depositing suspicious looking checks, or sending out images or information from gift cards.  We live in a very complex society where scammers can target you from any corner of the world, we need to remain vigilant, because once the money is gone, it is very difficult, if not impossible to recover it.