Beaver Dam Police Chief Updates Common Council On Recent Uptick In Thefts

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam Police Chief John Kreuziger updated the common council this week on the recent uptick in thefts and burglaries. Kreuziger says his department recently made two arrests after being involved in foot chases, undercover work, suspect interviews and automobile chases in numerous jurisdictions, securing search warrants while working with other agencies. Vehicles have been taken into custody and property has been returned that was stolen from Beaver Dam residences. He says the evidence collected so far indicates that more than one person or group of people may be involved.

Kreuziger says it is believed that suspects have a pick-up or drop-off vehicle in the area before, during or after the thefts and burglaries. Some suspects are believed to be from Beaver Dam while others are from out of the area. Kreuziger says those coming from out of the area are large, organized groups of criminals that are becoming increasingly brazen.

Last Friday morning, Beaver Dam Police engaged in a multi-county, high-speed chase with a burglary suspect driving a vehicle stolen in Sun Prairie. The vehicle was later found unoccupied in Madison and the suspect remains at large. It started when the homeowner awoke to a dog barking, noticed the garage door open and an unlocked vehicle in the driveway had been rummaged through. The suspect apparently used the garage door opener to access the residence.

Kreuziger is urging the public to lock their vehicles, doors and windows. Other suggestions include turning on exterior lights or installing motion activated lights if possible and keep an eye on surrounding homes.