Beaver Dam Police Chief Talks Staffing Challenges

(Beaver Dam) Like many agencies across the country, it has been a challenge for the Beaver Dam Police Department to find and recruit those interested in a career in law enforcement. Chief John Kreuziger says it has been difficult to find good applicants. Kreuziger says police departments have had to get creative to find good candidates to apply. He says it requires going out into the community, attending public events, and finding different venues to market the department. It is also involves, Kreuziger adds, selling your agency and what you stand for. Kreuziger says they are one officer short from being fully staffed. He says they have had several recent retirements, but they are recruiting right now to fill that position in the next month. Kreuziger says a great resource for someone interested in a job in law enforcement is WILENET, a website that posts open positions and job descriptions. The Beaver Dam Police Department did swear-in two new officers to the force last Friday.