Beaver Dam Police Chief Talks Racism and Cultural Prejudice

(Beaver Dam) At a recent panel discussion on racism and cultural prejudice, Beaver Dam Chief of Police John Kreuziger said it is impossible to solve cultural issues in society without having dialogue.

“I just don’t know how we can function and solve anything without having dialogue, so I look at it as a lot of things,” Kreuziger said. “And to get off at several topics, I just think it’s many things. I think that’s how you deliver information; I think that’s how you drive actions. I think that’s how you move forward and move forward faster with dialogue. I think you open and enhance connections with people. You draw in conversation. I think you have clearer understanding among people when you do that. You bring in people that are more invested in the conversation like I am today. I think it builds stronger relationships and improves and exchanges, thoughts, ideas, and opinions.”

The purpose of the discussion was to raise awareness of those issues at the local level. It was held at the Beaver Dam Area Community Theater. Kreuziger is the Beaver Dam Chief of Police.