Beaver Dam Police Chief Details Department’s 2019 Annual Report

(Beaver Dam) Crime is up in Beaver Dam. According to the Beaver Dam Police Department’s 2019 Annual Report, there has been an increase in both property crimes and personal crimes when compared to 2018. Police Chief John Kreuziger went through the numbers with us on WBEV’s Community Comment.

There was one murder in Beaver Dam last year, the first in decades, and two instances of negligent manslaughter.

There were a dozen sex offenses reported last year, five of which were forcible rape; six of the cases were cleared. In 2018, there were nine sex offenses.

Last year, there were 27 burglaries reported resulting in 12 arrests and nine cases cleared. In 2018, there were 21 burglaries. However, there were no robberies last year but there were four the previous year.

There were 226 thefts reported last year, up from 212, resulting in 83 arrests and 84 cases cleared. There were 21 instances of fraud reported last year compared to 46 in 2018.

“Well take some time to think about those increases and figure out what changes we can make,” Kreuziger says.

The department collected $280-thousand dollars in citation payments from 1718 adults and 191 juveniles last year along with $20-thousand dollars in parking tickets.

The top citations for adults were operating after suspension (277); operating without insurance (219); and not wearing a seatbelt (106). The top juvenile citations were for disorderly conduct (57); underage drinking (23); and retail theft (15).

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