Beaver Dam Police Chief Calls New Drug Detective Vital Position

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam police chief says his department will continue to crack down on drugs throughout 2019. The addition of a new drug detective several years ago has allowed the agency to be more visible in that area.

Chief John Kreuziger told us recently on WBEV’s Community Comment that before the position was created the department was more reactive and than proactive. He says they now have one person that is able to accumulate all information related to drug crimes and work hand-in-hand with other detectives and the city’s K-9 unit.

Kreuziger also credits their successes to tips and calls received from the community. He says without their help there would be much fewer search warrants issued in 2018.

Multiple law enforcement agencies from across the county are part of a Dodge County Drug Coalition with the goal of putting together a strategic plan. Kreuziger says grant money was allocated to help pull resources together from different agencies to address this issue head on. He says the coalition has already held multiple meetings with good discussions between different law enforcement entities so far.

Kreuziger says the group has already put up billboards across the county. He says the goal is continued education and to discourage drug use.