Beaver Dam Police And Fire Chiefs Say They Do Not Have Resources To Patrol Skunk Island

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam police and fire departments do not have the resources to patrol Big Skunk Island, if the city ever takes ownership. That was the massage from the department heads at Tuesday night’s Beaver Dam Police and Fire Commission meeting with both chiefs saying they do not have the resources to service the island if it were to be open to the public and turned into a city park. Police Chief John Kreuziger says to patrol Big Skunk, the city would have to budget for a rescue boat and related training.

Fire Chief Alan Mannel says suggestions that police could respond to the island with the fire department’s water rescue boat makes as much sense as the fire department responding to a paramedic call in a police squad car.

PFC Chair Jeff Kohman last night said he would not even entertain a motion to allow the police department to use the fire department equipment for law enforcement. Kohman says the sheriff’s office has a rescue boat and is designated by state statute to patrol the waters. Sheriff Dale Schmidt tells us the issue is still being discussed. The commission is expected to meet in special session on Monday to draft a formal statement on the matter. The Beaver Dam Lake Development Corporation board of directors last month voted to offer Big Skunk Island to the city for one-dollar and began initial discussions with the city in committee on Monday. The rustic, 1.5-acre island houses electrical services for lake-related equipment and is currently off limits to the public.