Beaver Dam Police Details Winter Parking Rules

(Beaver Dam) With winter parking now in effect, the Beaver Dam Police Department is reminding city residents of the rules. Lieutenant Jeremiah Johnson says if you park your vehicle on the street between the hours of 2am and 6am it must be moved to another spot. He says there is an option for those who cannot park their car in another location.
“If you cannot put it in your driveway, if you can’t put it in your garage, if you can’t fit it on your property, come down to the Beaver Dam Police Department and apply for a parking pass,” says Johnson.
“They’re $25 dollars. It lasts all winter parking season…winter parking season is traditionally November 1st through April 30th that’s when we plow the snow most of the time. It really starts when the mayor says it starts but she can start it at any time during those months. [The pass] lasts you all year and into next year as well.”
Johnson says those parking passes can be placed on your back bumper on the left hand side. During a recent Community Comment, the lieutenant noted something parking pass holders must do following a snowfall.
“If you park it on the street and it does snow, the parking pass holders have to clear off the snow from their car and anything that was left on the street when the plow went around your car,” says Johnson. “That way we keep the roads clear. That’s the rule. So, if you don’t have a parking pass you got to move your car. It cannot be on the street between 2am and 6am on any of the city streets.”
Residents are also reminded to clear any snow or ice from the sidewalks facing their property. If the snow or ice is not cleared, the city will remove it at the homeowner’s expense. Additional fines may be issued to repeat offenders.