Beaver Dam Woman Placed On Probation For Mailing Drugs To An Inmate

(Juneau) A Beaver Dam woman was placed on probation for a year-and-a-half for smuggling drugs to an inmate at the Dodge County Detention Facility. Laura Wirth pled guilty Thursday to one felony count of Deliver Illegal Articles to an Inmate. Wirth entered into a deferred prosecution agreement, meaning she will avoid a felony record if she stays out of trouble while on probation. In August, jail staff received an anonymous tip that a prisoner was receiving strips of the opioid-drug Suboxone in the mail from Wirth. The tipster said Wirth would cut the bottom flap of a manila envelope with a razor then place the drug inside and seal the envelope back up with a hot iron. Days later, while a jailer was checking incoming mail from Wirth, they found the drug in the exact same place the caller stated it would be. In talking with investigators, the 19-year-old denied the accusations and said that she does not have Suboxone or use heroin.