Beaver Dam PFC Advances Police Budget With No Changes

10/4/17 – The Beaver Dam Police and Fire Commission last night advanced the police department’s budget with little change. Police Chief John Kreuziger says there were increases in salary and benefits, which the department has no control over, but most everything else was flat. The department is seeking $63-thousand dollars to replace and upgrade radios so that the city and county can communicate; the city council funded half the upgrade cost for this year and the department is hoping to get the other half funded for next year. Also in the police budget is the replacement of eight mobile computers to replace seven-year-old equipment at a cost of $31-thousand dollars. Other life-saving items that are being replaced in the police department have surpassed their expiration dates and require city and state-mandated upgrades. That includes bullet proof vests at a cost of $3600, ballistic helmets for $2000 and a ballistic shield at a cost of $2100. There was a sharp increase in the costs of range shooting supplies and ammunition, which went up 17-percent to $15-thousand dollars. Commission Chair Jeff Kohman said everything adopted last night is needed for officer safety and he challenged the full city council to “find ways to make it happen not ways to say ‘no.’” The police and fire budgets are now headed to the city’s Administrative Committee where they will be scrutinized beginning October 23.