Beaver Dam Panel Stresses Need to Discuss Racial Prejudice

(Beaver Dam) An important community dialogue on racism and cultural prejudice was held recently at the Beaver Dam Area Community Theater. The purpose of the discussion was to raise awareness of those issues at the local level. The conversation featured an eight-person panel, including Danette Macmueller. She explains why she chose to be a part of the panel.

“I’m a part of the panel because we can’t fix an issue if nobody is willing to talk about it,” said Macmueller. “In my personal experience, I have a lot of pushback, even in just general conversation, because people don’t want to talk about it.”

Macmueller is part of the Racial Justice Group of Beaver Dam. In our next story, we will highlight comments made by Betsy Ramsdale, who is part of the Bilingual Family Liaison for the Beaver Dam Area Unified School District.