Beaver Dam Officials Working On Noise Ordinance

10/17/17 – City officials in Beaver Dam have begun the process of strengthening the noise ordinance. The issue came up after a group of residents last month presented the committee with a petition demanding that the ordinance be bolstered. Last month’s agenda listed only one Madison Street tavern, the Thirsty Beaver, though resident’s complaints also included Lake Days and other lakefront festivals. City Attorney Mary Ann Schacht told the committee last night that she is using noise ordinances from two Wisconsin cities, Monroe and Eagle, in assembling an ordinance for Beaver Dam. She is also sending letters to the business community asking for input and is asking elected officials and the general public to chime in on the matter. Both ordinances set specific times for daytime and nighttime noise levels – generally 7am until 10pm — along with specific decibel levels. Alderman Dave Hanson had concerns and encouraged Schact to include all potential sources of noise, not just from the entertainment sector, in drafting the ordinance. Resident Shaun Hilliard, who is leading the effort to beef-up the noise ordinance, says it’s a good start. Schact will present a draft ordinance at a future meeting of the Administrative Committee.