Reconstruction Of Lake Shore Drive On Beaver Dam’s Five Year Borrowing Plan

(Beaver Dam) City officials have begun hammering out the Capital Improvements Plan. The CIP lays out infrastructure improvement needs; street repairs and major equipment purchases over the next five years while outlining a specific borrowing plan for the upcoming year. The CIP earmarks $3.1-million dollars for the reconstruction of Lake Shore Drive from Oneida to Denning, but not until 2024, marking the first time any portion of the controversial street project has appeared on the five-year planning document since being scrapped a decade ago. The Lake Shore Drive project made headlines in 2010 when residents came out in opposition to the plan and funding was removed to make way for the new police station. Residents were concerned about the aesthetic of the neighborhood changing because of the number of tree’s that would need to be removed to make way for sidewalks, which they also did not want to pay for. City officials begin looking at next year’s borrowing plan during a special meeting tonight.