Beaver Dam Officials Begin Process For Boettge Successor

2/23/17 – City officials in Beaver Dam hope to find a new leader for the Community Activities and Services Department before the current head administrator leaves this spring. Evonne Boettge, who has been with the city for 15 years, announced her retirement earlier this month effective April 28. An interview team has been assembled comprised of Mayor Tom Kennedy, Senior Center Steering Committee Chair Wayne Schmitz, Parks and Forestry Supervisor John Neumann and city Director of Administration John Somers, who is serving as coordinator. The interview team also includes a member of the city’s Administrative Committee; Alderwoman Mark Flaherty was appointed at this week’s meeting. Flaherty notes that the committee discussed the timing of the hiring with the hope being that a replacement can be found before Boettge’s final day. In the event a replacement is not found during that time frame, there would be individuals who would be able to stand-in during the interim.


Boettge successfully led efforts to construct the $2-million-dollar Watermark Community and Senior Center. The Administrative Committee this week discussed branding of the facility going forward. Flaherty says there seems to be confusion by the public as to the intended use of the Watermark. She says the facility has been referred to by some as the “community center” and others as the “senior center” and still others as just “the Watermark.” A more concrete branding may be addressed, Flaherty says, as part of the hiring process. She says the plan is to have the branding be concise so that the community feels comfortable using the Watermark.  The job opening is being advertised in the local newspaper and on several websites, including the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, Wisconsin Parks and Recreation, Wisconsin Senior Center Association and the city website.