Beaver Dam Officer, Youth Bond Over Badge Patch Collections

12/25/17 – A Beaver Dam police officer and a local youth recently discovered that they both share the same passion for a law enforcement collectible. K-9 Officer Kevin Hall says he was working second shift one day when he received a call from the boy’s mother. She said that her son Kleyten was touring the station a short time ago and noticed Hall’s police badge patch collection. Hall encouraged her to bring the child by. The officer says Kleyten arrived with his own duty belt and was well-versed in the different styles of handcuffs. The two then exchanged patches, some of which Hall did not have and some that the boy did not have. During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Hall says the youth handed him more than just a brand-new patch. He says Kleyten also gave him a big Ziploc bag full of coins, which was his donation to the K-9 Unit. Hall says Kleyten was the most well-mannered seven-year-old he had ever seen and he was able to hook Kleyten up with more gear for his utility belt. Halls adds that the K-9 Unit is always fundraising and welcomes any type of donations to keep up with maintenance costs for the program.

Listen to the program here:

Photo courtesy of Kristi Hartzheim