Beaver Dam Noise Ordinance Draft Will Not Include Decibel Levels

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam city attorney is in the process of drafting amendments to the city’s noise ordinance and she told the city’s Administrative Committee Monday night that decibel levels will not be part of the proposed changes. The issue came up last fall when a group of residents voiced their concerns with the loud music coming from local bars and other community events. Mary Ann Schacht says she has been reviewing ordinances in neighboring communities and speaking with their city attorney’s regularly in researching the matter. Schacht says the legal advice she has gotten from colleagues is to keep the ordinance simple. The city attorney says the ordinance changes that she will be bring forward in coming months will, for the first time, include time parameters but she did not reveal last night what those times may be. Schacht says she will also work with the police department to continue to refine policy as it relates to noise. The plan is to have the changes to the ordinance in place by the spring.