Beaver Dam-Native Shares War Stories During WBEV Vets Program

(Waupun) Our annual Tribute To Veterans was broadcast yesterday on AM1430 WBEV and We had guests who served in Vietnam, Korea and World War Two. Beaver Dam-native Bill Schnieder, who now lives in Waupun, enlisted in the Coast Guard in 1942, one year after World War Two broke out. Schnieder talked about being part of a convoy of destroyers that would form a circle around merchant ships and escort them across the ocean. The biggest threat were German U-Boat fleets. If a ship could not keep up the pace, it would fall back and become a victim of the Germans. Schnieder it the cargo ships could not make 18-knots they were putting the whole convoy in danger. “You were there at your own peril,” he says. When asked by host John Moser if his convoy was ever under attack, Schnieder said “yes, all the time.”