Beaver Dam Naming Sidewalk After Record-Breaking Sports Figure

(Beaver Dam) The city of Beaver Dam is recognizing a record-breaking sports figure by naming a sidewalk after her near the ice rink. Madeline “Maddy” Horn was a 1934 Beaver Dam High School graduate and an internationally acclaimed speed skater. She competed in Canada, the United States, and Europe in 1937, holding seven out of ten world records in speed skating.

Horn won second place in the World Championships in Oslo, Norway in 1938. She was the only female speed skater representing the United States in the 1940 Olympics. Unfortunately, the 1940 Olympics were cancelled as the country entered World War Two.

Horn won 64 first place medals. She holds the world record in the 220-yard sprint in 20.2 seconds, which will never be broken because distances were converted to the metric system in 1967. She was inducted into the Speed Skating Hall of Fame in 1966. Maddy Horn died in 1971 at the age of 60.

The sidewalk that will be bearing her name connects the high school on Gould Street with Prospect Avenue, running along the Beaver Dam Family Center.